Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Excited

So last night after all the air-con stress, work crazy and a well timed fire drill 20 floors up, I decided I just HAD to get into the holiday spirit.

After a medicinal glass of wine I started getting organised ... and packing. I don't know about you but until I start actually preparing for a holiday my head doesn't getting into ... excited mode.

Obviously one of my bucket list items was to keep my suitcase under 20kg's. Easy you say however the difficulty was that the temperatures range from 5 degrees in Warsaw up to 45 degrees in Dubai.... how on earth do you pack for that.

So after hours of agonising I put it all on the bed and then took out over half of it. Dear god ... I am going to be living with a teeny tiny amount of clothes for the next six weeks .... but its done and I think done quite well, most of the colours match, most of it can be worn with more than one other item in my wardrobe and most of it is very very comfortable.

I also do these cute little conversion charts so I can take a quick peek instead of trying to work out exchange rates in my head ... I just didnt realise how many I needed until I had to cut all the little buggers out, my thumb is not happy with me right now.

But Yay! I am finally getting excited about my holiday.... Bring on Friday!

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