Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Dear

So one of my lovely bloggy friends Annette messaged me last night and asked how I could go away for 3 weeks while I was building ... how would I cope with not knowing whats going on?

Good Question Annette .... I don't really know if I can. Firstly and this is even worse ... it's six weeks not three, and secondly I am almost positive that I am partially insane ... however if  I don't have a holiday soon I would be totally insane.

I am trusting my builder, they have done fairly well so far however as I say this my stomach tightens up slightly. I do have a back up plan .... my parents, they have built numerous times and have promised faithfully to watch over my baby while I'm away. While I can guarantee that they won't be quite so lovingly overprotective as I am I am pretty sure it will all go smoothly.

Hey what is the worst that can happen .... (Picture me giggling uncomfortably at this point.)

A great example of this is my latest little obsession, one tiny little air con duct they have squeezed into a space way to small. Apparently even though the below picture looks rather silly apparently air flow wont be affected. How on earth will air flow not be affected ??? The beam is cutting the silly metal tube thingy in half??? So what do you think? Should I trust my builder and air con people in this or what?


B is building a house said...

Eeeeek! :|
Where is this duct leading to? Just a secondary bedroom? Or is this a mean duct for more than one room?


Miss Vintage said...

Hey B - this duct goes straight into my main lounge / dining room. This is why im worried.

Am anxiously awaiting a call from my air con guy now.

B is building a house said...

That's a bit of a worry then :(

Good luck!!!


Anette Ryan said...

Hi! Thanks for the post LOL. ;)
You are a brave woman...6!!
Seeing that duct it makes me a little bit worried. We had ducts that we didn't see when put in into our old house. When we finally after ...2-3 years had our second daughter move in to one of the rooms it turned out to be freezing cold in the winter. Long story short...They had not been very clever when the ducts and "pipes" were put in and the air had to travel way to long to get to her room and that's why it didn't get warm. Had to have a guy come in to fix the problem and it turned out successfully and warm! So with that in mind I would always try to get a second opinion or check how long the warranty is!
Good luck!
Anette :-)