Monday, September 19, 2011

New Love

I have a new love ... I'm not sure if I can spell it but I love terrariums .... Ha I think I may have got the spelling right.

Anyways they are so dark and mysterious ... The just seem old and lovely and you feel yourself drawing closer to the screen just so you can have a better look.

I want one however I have this terrible feeling I would kill the damn thing .... me and indoor green just do not mix ... Maybe if I'm very lucky I will find fake ones I wont have to worry about sentencing one to a long slow death of over-love.

Also - I put on my big girl shoes yesterday and told the builder that I had paid alot of money for them to get my air con layouts correct and that I fully expected them to actually get the layout correct. Crossing my fingers this will be the end of that drama because I swear ... arguing with builders is just no fun!

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