Friday, September 30, 2011

Day Eight - Moving on to Munich

Another 4am start this morning but not quite by choice … the flight from London to Berlin was scheduled for 7am and you know how I like to be early or on time. After 5 hours of waiting and flights we got to the hotel, dropped out bags and got busy being tourists. We decided since we did so well on the London Public Transport system how hard could the German system really be. They use trams and we need to take the # 17. It took a good 20 minutes to realize you stand on one side of the street to go one way and stand on the other side of the street to go the other way…. Well Duhh.

One thing I am finding is that Ben seems to freak out whenever someone tries to speak to him in German. I would almost say its funny but the first time it happened was security at the airport where they asked him questions and he just looked at them dumbly, tilted his head to one side and called out my name repeatedly until I came up and they realized he spoke English. I have told him all he has to say when they address him is “Do you speak English” but darling hubby says he tries but his brain just freezes and no words come out … something to work on hey?

The town itself if actually quite lovely, its not old old but there are so many parks and lovely cobblestones streets its almost like its in a film set. There is so much to like about this place but as far as a city goes, even a very busy city like this one its actually impossible not to slow down and just enjoy the sunshine. It seems to be built around relaxing and taking things easy.

Walking around Munich it was amazing to see just how many people were wearing the national costumes of Leiderhosen and Drindle. It is phenominally busy here at the moment (last weekend of Oktoberfest) and we were rather hesitant to enter the Hofbrauhaus House which was recommended by everyone we have talked to. Boy was it was busy, you step into the hall and the noise is almost deafening, people sing, thump their glasses on the table and they speak really loudly as they try to be heard over the stuff mentioned above as well as the big brass band playing in the centre of the room. IF, and the IF is a huge IF at the moment because as I said, its pretty busy. IF you get a seat you spend the next 10 minutes shell shocked, watching everything and everyone in a sort of daze before desperately trying to get someones attention because at this point the only way to survive the crazy is to join in. Its funny, after a beer and an hour in the place, you actually just sort of relax into it all and look at the shell shocked new comers with a sort of mocking pity.

It was at this point we stupidly decided to dress up for Oktoberfest tomorrow. Rather an interesting choice coming from boring old me but hey, do as the locals do, drink as the locals drink and then hopefully fly out fast enough you beat the obligatory hang over. So tomorrow I may have some rather interesting pictures for you … Ben has brought a full Bavarian costume, Leiderhosen and all. I found a Drindle (sort of a beer wench costume without all the boobs and legs they seem to show in our Australian versions) and am desperately hoping this years work Christmas party has a German theme so I can wear it again. After going round and round in circles trying to convice myself it was going to be fun I think I may have actually done it … I, Miss V am actually looking forward to Oktoberfest.

So my little prayer tonight is as follows - May I survive the beer, crowds and a very druken husband … and may I wake up feeling great the next day so I can say “I told you so” to said husband.

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