Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Revelation

Ok so revelation is possibly a bit strong but yesterday one of my lovely engineers gave me two Oyster cards to use while I'm away. Now here is where it gets a bit sappy and I'm sorry but it made me realise ....


How exciting is it to have a lovely big holiday only days (22 days but who is counting) away!

So it made me start thinking ... Europe is big and I really should create a bucket list. Not a normal type of bucket list .... climb the Eiffel tower etc however I am planning to do that but a more ambiguous one where I have to find ways to achieve it. I can think of a couple straight away but will be racking my brains over the weekend to try and crystallise my ideas.

So here are a few I have thought of.

1) Try and stick under the 20kg weight limit - I am the queen of excess baggage so this one was will be a big challenge.
2) Do something truly naughty ... again something that can be translated so many different ways but we will see
3) Find the best ice cream in Europe and eat till I'm sick - seems easy but I'm guessing to find the "best" shop I will be tasting a fair bit of ice cream!

Stay tuned for a more complete list!

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