Monday, September 5, 2011


I don't know about you but when I'm stuck in bed sick and feeling sorry for myself there are a few traditions that just seem to make me feel better.

The first one is obviously a fresh set of sheets and PJ's. There is nothing that is going to make you feel better than sliding into bed in a lovely set of PJ's and a crisp cool set of sheets.

The second is icy poles. Even if I don't have a sore throat for me icy poles just have to be eaten in copious amounts in order to make me feel better

Finally is movie choices. ... obviously feel good movies but there is one movie I will watch every single time I get sick ... Pride and Prejudice. Lucky for me there are now two versions to choose from ... my old favorite BBC TV series version which will keep me entertained all day and now the new movie version. Also lucky for me I have had 3 days in bed and have had plenty of time to watch both.

So here are the houses from both movies / TV series. (Movie first)

Longbourn - I think the movie gives it more of a storybook quality to it ... the little house flanked by two trees however the TV series house is possibly my favorite of the two.

Netherfield - I love the first house, its very grand and over the top and of course perfectly suitable for a gentleman with Five Thousand Pounds a year!

Rosings - two totally different houses that look almost identical. Jane Austin was very clear in how Rosings should look if these two are anything to show by it.

Pemberley - Again very similar in feel these two and yet another reason I should have married Mr Darcy!

Finally let me just say I adore all of these houses and would die to own one ... well obviously not possible even with a very large lotto win but hey .... a girl can dream right?

Oh yes - and although a rather political statement Colin Firth is my prefered Mr Darcy anyday....

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