Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Progress and Bucket Lists

Today was supposed to be my finalised bucket list ... however last night hubby dragged me around to the house ... and I have more progress, I have windows and they have started building up the wall between the garage to hide the little roof. Its so exciting to actually see things getting done I cant wait to come back from holidays to hopefully a downstairs roof!

Ok now onto other pleasant things ... Bucket Lists. So I am going to keep you updated with what is happening on my holiday with a daily diary entry and I am going to try and fulfill all the items on my bucket list.

I have mentioned a few in previous posts but this is my final list ... I think.

1) Make sure I'm under the 20 kg luggage limit
2) Meet the Mona Lisa
3) Find a quiet moment in Versailles
4) Become breathless over the past
5) Find the best chocolate shop in Europe
6) Drink copious amounts of coffee
7) Eat Ice cream till I'm sick
8) Do something truly excessive
9) Scoff pizza with the locals
10) Look glamorous in Paris
11) Get to the top of the Eiffel Tower (I'm deathly afraid of heights)
12) Do something dark or scary
13) Ski Dubai
14) Live life a little bit wild
15) Survive Oktoberfest!

So - that is my list. I think its a fairly good list, I'm surprised at just how many eating things there are on it .... ok well maybe not surprised. So ladies and the odd gentleman, off I go..... while I'm away I wish you all luck with your builds, please cross your fingers for my poor little build left alone while its parents go off to see the world he he he.

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Anette Ryan said...

Hi! Are your parents going to keep you updated with photos of all the progress at the house?

Good luck with your bucket list and packing light.
Have a fantastic holiday i Europe!
Anette :-)