Sunday, September 11, 2011

Im Back!

Yes yes, I'm no longer bed ridden ... however I have to say maybe I should have stayed in bed .... 380 unread emails and a to do list as long as my arm are such a pleasant way to return to work I cant even begin to imagine what its going to be like after six weeks.

However after dragging my very sorry self out of bed on Sunday I found out I had alot of progress on  the house. Render has well and truly started which is very exciting .... and so without further ado ... my house semi clothed...


Anette Ryan said...

Yaayy! How exciting for you. One question: How can you go away for 3(?) weeks on holiday while your building? How will you cope with not knowing what is going on? I know I couldn't do that :)
Anette :-)

B is building a house said...

Welcome back :)

Good to see some progress :)