Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Six - My Feet are Suffering

This morning I have something amazing to report … I woke up at 7am. See that’s normal time well ok work normal, but still, anything is an improvement to 4am.

Now to confessions. This morning my husband called me a goldfish …. “Oh look there is a castle… swim swim swim …. Oh look there is a castle!” Now maybe I should explain, I am deathly afraid of heights, I start getting queasy, have trouble breathing and generally just freeze on the spot with a death grip on whatever is closest to hand. When we visited Singapore I went on the Singapore Flyer and ended up with all of the above mentioned symptoms and unfortunately the death grip happened to be fixed to hubby’s hand. This morning we went on the London Eye and to be honest, I was pretty excited bouncing around about the view and how much fun it was going to be. Step onto the “pod” and suddenly I froze up. I wanted off and I wanted off NOW! Obviously there was no way off and I was stuck taking deep calming breaths for the next 45 minutes. Apparently I am now banned from high things but surely he doesn’t mean the Eiffel Tower. There is no way in hell I am not doing the Eiffel Tower … everyone has to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower … well duhh.

 After that we just wandered around town, saw the very end of the changing of the horses which was 4 horses on either side of the entrance staring at each other. Hubby decided to ask the security guard when they were going to start fighting .. let me tell you, that didn’t go down very well, more incredulous looks were cast out way.

After more wandering we visited Churchills War Rooms, which were totally amazing. Everything was very well set out and so so interesting. It must have been such a crazy space during the war, people everywhere, phones ringing, and the constant fear of the air raid sirens.

 Other than that we shopped on a very well named Regent Street… Firstly Regent Street itself is total heaven, the architecture is decadent and I was loathed to actually leave the street to walk into the shops… however shop I did and ended up with not 1 but 2 lovely coats from a Spanish designer called Desigual. After spending enough money to make even my little heart flutter my feet started screaming very loudly that they had had enough. We braved the underground and staggered home under the weight of our shopping bags and even the two flights of stairs to get from the lobby to our room looked insurmountable.

After resting said feet for a to short period of time we get dressed and decided to wander around yet again to find somewhere to eat for dinner. Now apparently Indian is one of the main food groups in the UK so we thought …. Hey lets give it a try, we love Indian. Let me just say its rather different, its creamier and almost like Thai as opposed to what we related to as Indian.

Last day in London tomorrow and I'm a bit sad to be leaving, we are having a heat wave here and its been perfect 27 degree weather for our entire stay. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Karma.

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