Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Promise of Paving ....

 photo 059_zps5ea68592.jpg

That's right, I am tantalisingly close to having a fully paved alfresco area.

Let me firstly say my amazingly husband is one talented individual taking on this project. Let me then say I may have picked a rather difficult product to work with. Firstly, its bloody heavy and I would know having personally moved 2 pallets of these things from the front of the house for darling hubby.

 photo 065_zps603f2a32.jpg

Secondly, as a natural stone it not the same repetitive size having slight differences in each and every paver.

 photo 068_zpsc651e043.jpg

My husband is cursing me over this particular choice and it has taken three times as long as normal run of the mill paving but I hope you can agree - this stuff kinda rocks ....

Its textured and natural and has such a lovely feel to it under my feet.

 photo 060_zpse420ffd0.jpg

I promise to provide better pics soon but for now .... behold "THE PAVING"

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