Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Branding ... Making the Difficult Decisions

 photo 188900_526527140732358_2055149594_n_zps623bfcc5.jpg

So back onto my new little business, I'm still in the process of trying to get this off the ground. I have spoken to small business advisers, accountants, insurance agents .... every single one of the integral yet boring tasks and now I'm onto something much more exciting.

I get to start thinking about my branding.

The logo is obviously my first port of call and I'm torn .... I have two very distinct styles of logo I am interested in however I'm really not sure what will work best for my business.

So I thought I would put them all up here and see what you think? For anyone who is slightly out of the look I am starting up a small candy buffet / desert bar company.

So without further ado .... please tell me what you think?

 photo LogoOption8_zpsb944c7f6.jpg photo GoodLogo9_zps7adeb838.png photo LogoOption5_zpsacf853be.jpg photo LogoOption6_zpsce351e16.jpg


Alex.2424 said...

I like the first one and the third one, they look classy and stylish : )

Ynot said...

All very nice logo's.

You don't need all those professionals to start up your business. I suggest resisting a business name and ABN (no point registering for GST yet). Test the waters and if it's successful then start looking into company structures.

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Guys .... Ynot - I am actually sorted on the busniess name and ABN front, the business stuff I have under control its the branding and giving a personality that I stuggle with. But both of your comments have spurred me to to keep going on the logo - I will find one that say "me" I just have to keep looking!