Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Brand Saga Continues ...

 photo LogoBusinessCardDesign_zps316cbd78.jpg

A brand is the first thing someone sees of your business, its supposed to be a way for a person to be able to tell exactly what to expect ... for me, this is very hard because on one hand, i like the idea of a simple elegant type of logo - something swirly and muted and oh so sophisticated however on the other hand the bold, bright and vibrant options are drawing me as well.

So I suppose I just have to figure out what I'm trying to portray .... Its rather hard because although in some ways I am creative in others I struggle to work out who I want to be as a business.

 photo 019_zps41eeed52.jpg photo 017_zps17f51006.jpg photo 011_zpsa58f313a.jpg photo 018_zps784752bf.jpg photo 015_zpsd0a83ab1.jpg


Alex.2424 said...

These are all quite nice but my favourite is the second one, its simple and elegant

Athlon said...

Thinking a logo is your brand is a common misconception. For a clearer understanding, start by reading these articles:

I hope you succeed!

Miss Vintage said...

Thankyou both for your advice - Athlon, I am reading the articles now but in my head while the logo is not the brand it should reflect my overall branding strategy and I suppose I am just trying to figure that out as a whole. The logo just gave me a good push into that direction.

I really appreciate any help you can give ... ANY form of advice is helpful when getting something like this off the ground!

K-L said...

Love the first pic v. The name is great too! Wishing you lots of success. X kl