Monday, April 15, 2013

Back Splash .... Decision Made

 photo 006_zps9640f9ca.jpg

So for the last .... 8 months, you would have seen a lot of posts regarding my agonising search for my back splash ...

I could instantly rule out a number of options .... glass, stainless ..... what I couldn't do is narrow down exactly what I wanted.

And yet now I have done exactly that ... 3 interesting options from the one store and a decision made .... tiles ordered and waiting for  rainy day when Hubby can't work outside. 

A lovely simple white subway tile ... soft and neutral. I just cant wait to see it up on the wall!

 photo 005_zpsb0960e42.jpg photo 004_zps0c4131bc.jpg photo 003_zps21bc36b5.jpg

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K-L said...

Timeless and classic choice. X kl