Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking Life For Granted ....

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Looking back at some of my recent posts it seems that I'm actually finding myself looking a bit closer at life and trying to remember just how important certain things are.

After 2 very long months of settling into my 30's here are a few of my more mature observations. Your 20's are all about building, you build your career, you build your relationship, you try to build your finances .... you work as hard as you can to build things up and then by the time you hit your 30's hopefully you are in a good place, your career is moving slowly but steadily, your finances are stable and your life is comfortable and your relationship is in a good place. Its a very selfish time in your life, all about you, your needs, your wants, your list of requirements.

So when you hit your 30's while you are still obviously focused on building, it slows down, you seem to have time to appreciate just how lucky you are to have everything you have built. There doesn't seem to be this frantic energy to "make it" to "be someone" and to "do everything"

What you want most is to enjoy everyone and everything you have built. 

5 years ago I would have selfishly thrown a tantrum if hubby (then boyfriend) didn't call every second or third day. After something like the Texas Explosion I am just so grateful to have my loved ones safe and sound. 

Life just seems to be less selfish, its not about me being the center of someone else's life, these days I don't need to hear those three little words that seem to cause so much drama in my 20's. These days I know I'm loved and that's enough.

And to be honest, that is the best bit about being in my 30's, the absolute stillness of your thoughts, the total lack of drama and the conviction in your yourself and those you love. 

I'm not even going to try and say that this is a permanent state of being. I'm sure there are and will be moments of doubt, of unsettledness and without fail there will be pain but for now ... life is better than good... for me I think life is just getting started!

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