Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel Smart …. Travel in Style!


Over the last few years I have done a lot of travelling. A LOT of travelling and to be honest my biggest travel “unknown” was how to travel smart. Obviously there are plenty of websites telling you … wear hidden security luggage under your clothes …. Wear plain colours ….. and my favourite “how to survive two weeks out of your carry on luggage!”

Hello ……  I am on holiday not in the army, my toiletries bag is over the carry on weight limit, I want all my luxuries and I want to look great in photos and I really want to get off the plane thinking … hey I feel and look alright! The thing that I wanted was for someone to tell me …. How do you travel smart without looking / feeling and being, daggy and impractical.

What I really DON’T want is to look like of of those … tourists. You know the tourists I’m talking about, they wear bum bags and those non wrinkle, wash in 15 seconds clothes that look about as stylish as a wet teabag. 

So my question always was …. Is it possible to look stylish and still be practical.

I have had my fair share of getting it wrong, ok so that is an understatement, I have had plenty of opportunities to get things wrong and for me, the biggest challenge was how to learn from all my mistakes and to be honest travelling has become much much easier now days.

So since I now have some experience in this department I would share some of my thoughts on a number of different subjects every so often on how to travel smart and not lose your style.

What do you think? Is this something anyone would be interested in viewing / contributing to every so often? 

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