Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Pantry Starter Kit!


Wouldn't it be nice if there was a starter kit for a pantry. I list of those items you buy once at the beginning and then never have to worry about again. You know .... the basics like oil, sauces, paper towels and tinned tomatoes. These thing you don't even realise you use on a daily basis ... you just accept that they are there. 

For us, the last two weeks feels a bit like camping. We work around what we have in the fridge because we don't own all those basics. It means our meals are at times slightly .... basic but we just didn't have the space or time to even start to consider what we needed.

Lucky for us we actually have access to a bulk buying store so when we finally did decide to start "stocking" we tend to do so in a BIG way!

You know its going to be a big shop when you take the BIG car with you just in case. Obviously this is really only scratching the surface ... we have things like stock and obviously chocolate still to go but hey .... if this isn't a good start I don't know what is?

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