Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dining Table - Sorted

For me this trip for me on my own is called .... "getting s*%t Done!" 

Why? Because I have a list and 90% of those items on my list are DONE!

  • Fridges - DONE
  • TV Above the Fridge - DONE
  • Air Con - DONE
  • Foxtel - DONE
  • Pantry - DONE
  • Laptop - DONE


One of the big items on my list I was agonising over was my dining room table. I needed a 3m dining table with a lovely warm elegant feel to it that had something slightly interesting about it.

And guess what - I found it. Such a lovely sense of achievement in actually getting things sorted. The interesting thing about this table is actually what is under the table. It has a spine of sorts and although you cant really see it in the picture there is this wonderful detail running down the middle you can see from far away. On top of that there is always the lovely timber to top with so much detail you just cant help but run your hands over it. 

Overall - A good trip and I'm not even half way through - looking forward to another few weeks of just relaxing.


samone said...

Found your blog via Home1. Love your home, love the location I have family close by in Secret Harbour - its beautiful!
Love this table - do you mind sharing where you brought it from?

Tara said...

Hi,just started following you..
Please pop over and visit soon as i'm having a giveaway..
Maybe it would look nice in your home you're building..xx