Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am Officially OVER Tradesman


Nope - no beating around the bush here ... I am officially 100% OVER tradesman. They just don't seem to care any more, customer service and actually doing the job you promised is above and beyond as opposed to the norm!

Let me give you a perfect example. My air con person arranged for the air con unit to be delivered this morning. The plan was for the aircon to be delivered at 7am and then the air con guy and an electrician would show up at 7.30 and install the thing. Air con shows up on time and then my parents come over to help out. I was unable to stay home due to be a big committee people and I so appreciated their assistance because otherwise I was screwed. 

I call home just now at 9.30 - 2 hours after they are due to arrive to see how everything is going and guess what? They STILL haven't shown up. Seriously. I call him expecting something major to delay him .... instead I get "yeah, should be there in about 40 minutes..." I explain that I have had people waiting for them to show up and what do I get .... "yeah well I suppose I should have called"

The truth, yeah you should, I am spending nearly $20,000 dollars with your company and the total lack of professionalism is utterly disgusting. How much effort is it to actually call me, how much effort is it to make that little bit of time to make my life easier. I could have told them to come back later, I could have made other arrangements but instead I have people who have other things to do sitting around waiting ever so patiently for you to make time in your day to do the job you promised.


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e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Running a building company, this is what I deal with every single day. There doesn't seem to be many 'professionals' out there! I waste such alot of time just waiting. Or on the phone trying to get quotes, follow up or action. Bloody frustrating!!!
x KL