Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If at First You Don't Succeed....

My apologies for not being here this week, I have been languishing in bed feeling sorry for myself with not even my husband to make me feel better...

So my picture wall. I have been obsessing over this for almost years, collecting and obsessing over my lovely gold frames but to be honest .... I'm really not sure how I now feel about all my pictures. See I don't know if having pictures in the frames loses some of the wow factor of the actual frames. 

Obviously I want these to just pop (God I hate using that word but still ....) and I had a second thought, using a patterned wallpaper or print .... maybe even fabric instead of the pictures.

So what do you think? Landscape photo's or just a texture / pattern?







The Decorating Emporium said...

As great as your photos are (and I love them), I'm not sure that they actually suit the frames. The wallpapers, however, WOW! Definitely my preference.

I hope you're feeling better quickly.


samone said...

^^ agree ^^ love your photos but I prefer the wallpaper in those frames.