Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Is Messy


I was watching TV last night and saw the Viva commercial ... life is messy.

Well yes ... life is messy, unless you are the type to spend most of your life cleaning up after others as well as yourself life is going to be messy. Obviously you kind of want to sit somewhere in the middle of the scale, you want to be able to keep the house clean ... tidy and overall easy to look on without going overboard and spending ALL DAY every day keeping it perfect.

We have some friends ... some very close friends who are down at the messier / dirtier end of the scale. The bathroom is full of hair, your feet crunch on sand and crumbs when you walk through the door and there are always fingerprints on doors and windows. To be honest I don't even think my husband would stick to the five second rule in their house. Do we judge them ... not really and we don't live there so whatever makes them happy but for us in our house ... its just not cool.

Lacey is one of our biggest challenges and not in the way you would think. She doesn't shed hair and is fairly clean but her BIG thing ... she spends all day spreading every single one of her toys around the house and every night before bed we wander around collecting them and putting them away. Would we change it ... hell no they make her happy but is it something to think about when considering kids .... I think so!



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