Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reliving My Youth


10 years ago hubby and I met at the ice rink ... I was a young 19 year old totally bessotted with the big burly ice hockey player with the nice smile.

10 years on and I can embarrasingly say I am still totally besotted but obviously alot less young. I also seem to have lost any skating abilities I once had.

Hubby was feeling a bit the same - about an hour in he looked at me and said .... we used to do this for 4 hours? Im bored and buggered after 50 minutes!

Lets just say we both slept extremely well that night and the next day woke up a little bit stiffer than normal!



1 comment:

Anette Ryan said...

Wow you have a pair of skates! I left mine behind in Sweden when I moved here. Didn't really think I would need them. Haven't skated in years so I can understand the stiffness next day!
Have a nice weekend!
Anette :-)