Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flooring Has Started ...


So obviously my upstairs carpet has been laid and I totally completely love it but as for the downstairs ...we were sorting out our budget and decided the smart thing to do would be to wait a few more weeks and then order it and get it installed.

Now ... I received a call from the owners of the flooring store the other day (I must say the amount of time I spent agonising over my floors we have become quite good friends) and the owners wanted to know when I was planning on ordering the floor. I advised them that we were waiting a few weeks and they turned around and said that the prices were about to go up so they were just going to go ahead and order it so we didnt get stung with the higher price. Not only that but that they were going to lay it straight away for us and that we could sort out payment later as originally planned.

How often do you come across people who go out of their way for you? These lovely people have gone above and beyond to make our life easier .... not just easier but better.

So yesterday the floor was skimmed and ready for my new flooring which should be fitted at some point today. Now I dont know if you remember but we have gone for a commercial grade vinyl plank floor. The great thing about this product is its so low maintenance, no problems with water, no fading from the sun and no real problems with scratching.

Cant wait to show you pictures tomorrow!


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