Monday, May 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes Work


Its quite frustrating to actually work your ass off all weekend and not really see any tangible progress on the house. Its all the behind the scenes stuff that isn't fun but is totally necessary.

Hubby pruned all of the neighbours trees which I have to admit turned out to be a big job. I on the other hand spent the day sealing the garage concrete floor. Its one of those jobs that doesn't seem to have much value on the face of it. It looks the same afterward (except slightly darker) and it doesn't really "do" anything for me but its totally worth it in the long run .... or at least that's what I have been told.

Sealing the floor will be a benefit in two ways. Firstly it will actually seal in the dust so we will never have to worry about tramping white powder over my lovely dark wood floors. Secondly it will actually protect it from future staining. Ok so I get it its great, but I just want to start doing "forward" stuff. Stuff that you can see and feel and really understand they are doing something good!




B is building a house said...

The concrete sealer sounds great! My parents sealed their garage floor in some stuff... but it's kind of slippery. It's probably different to the stuff you are using though... How exactly does it "seal in the dust"?


Miss Vintage said...

Its funny stuff B - Its not an acrylic its more of a water based so it soaks into the concrete hence the slightly darker colour but it seems to seal it too .... I dont think it will be slippery but then you never know, I suppose we will have to home the garage never gets wet enough to test it out.