Sunday, May 1, 2011

You Can Never Have Enough

Shelving - ok yes, I'm going to talk about books again.

So I read alot of an author called Clive Cussler and there is one character there St Julian Perlmutter who I cant help but think ... I want this to be me!

See the thing about Darling Perlmutter is his books, you walk into his house and there are books everywhere, on tables, shelves, in stacks on the floor and while I agree hubby would kill me, this is my idea of heaven... really truly. Lots of old volumes that no one has read for years gathering dust in the hallways of my house.

A practical solution would be more shelving ... hence the "you can never have enough" comment. So I can see my tiny little landing where I will be housing my library will eventually be to small for my ever expanding collection of books and because I cant keep stacks all over the floor I love the idea of shelving being built into unused places. I love the idea of having shelving build around doorways, see in my house I have this door that goes between the bridge in the entry and the sitting room / study and I would love ... scratch that, adore to have some shelving built into this area and to run around the room along with a computer desk etc....

Total and complete heaven ... now I just have to find a cabinet maker who can help me make it happen?

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