Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parents Say the Darndest Things!

So this is funny - my mother received a Sat Nav for Christmas but has only just opened it this last week. Let me start by saying it makes her nervous ... she doesn't like it but has agreed to move with the times!
Anyways she has been using it for a week and last night when she got home she complained about how the little thing that sticks it to the windscreen keeps falling off.... Hubby told her to just stick it in the centre console to which my mother replied ...."How is it going to tell me where to go if it cant see out of the window".....

Hmm then we discussed how all Sat Nav's are very simple and how once she has this one sussed she wont have a problem using the one the rental car company gives her for her trip to Italy.... to which mum says ..."Oh no, I'm going to take my own, I wont be able to understand what the woman is saying in Italian"...

Anyways, enough laughing at mums expense. Here are some of the latest house pictures of my builder getting ready to pour the second storey slab!

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