Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Miss Naughty

Interesting title right.... so usually I bitch either about my husband or in very general terms about the world but today I'm slightly annoyed and so I'm directing it at one particular person - lets call her Little Miss Naughty (LMN)

So far i have been dealing with another representative from the company ... lets call her Little Miss Efficient (LME) and I have loved every minute I have spent defining and finalising all the little details with her however once the slab was down I was handed over to LMN. Now LMN seemed ok to start, things were going smoothly and there wasn't really much need to talk to her however now the drama has started.

See I want to move a wall. Just one wall, a very small wall between the pantry and the linen closet and that's where things got difficult. First she said it was going to be expensive ... then we would have to go back to the shire (Internal wall - I think not) and then they would have to get a special brick crew out to do it ... hmmm I was starting to think she really didnt want to move my wall.
Right, now here is the kicker - she says - why don't we leave it till the roof is on, that way you have plenty of time to decide ... umm hello - firstly I have decided, secondly wont it be more expensive then?

So she is delaying, and being painful and to be honest, if I'm prepared to pay for the change, shouldn't she just go ahead and do it?

I mean, really - its not that hard!

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