Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Stairs Have It?

The entry is one of the biggest features in our house ... we have this lovely floating bridge, frameless glass balustrade and a gorgeous big door.... obviously we had very limited space and had to think outside the square but if space wasn't an object I probably would have done things slightly differently... I would have a big luxuriously wasted area when you walked in that just takes your breath away ... and obviously the best way to do that is the have a kick ass staircase.

These are a few of my favorites ....


B is building a house said...

Love love love!!! All of them!!!

We are going for timber posts with glass balustrade.

Have you thought about step lighting at all?


Miss Vintage said...

Thanks B - Im blown away by your house and would have commented earlier on it but all my comments have been deleted - dont you just love technology. I wanted step lights but its quite expensive to get them set into the concrete and I just couldnt justify it .... sigh

B is building a house said...

Thank you for your lovely comments *shy*

My man loves concrete. He would have loved a concrete staircase. But it's not the norm here in Adelaide. And thank the lord for that because it would have cost so much more.