Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting to Get Serious

So I'm now narrowing down my design ideas one room at a time ... I like the idea of having a set idea in my head on how I want the room to look early on so I can start thinking about how its all going to fit together.

The theatre is an easy one - for ages I have wanted to do a big black and white wall mural that pretty much takes up an entire wall and as I think I may have mentioned ages ago - after digging through the archives I found the best Sydney Harbour Bridge pictures ever - one of which I think I will use in this room.

I also knew I wanted dark warm colours which made me think of settling on a really dark navy blue and obviously all my trim including doors will be Antique white.

Because I had this idea in my head when Freedom brought out this amazing TV unit I just knew it would fit in perfectly with what I wanted....

So finally just the little details, I want a really thick comfy grey shag pile carpet and a lovely deep corner sofa, we are thinking of getting it made to fit however I think we will just see how the room looks before we make that decision.

Oh and if I can fit one of these lovely Ikea armchairs in ... somehow I would be in heaven but again, I think I'm going to have to just wait and see the space.

So there is a defiant feel to my room now - I know what I want it to look like, I know my colour scheme and now its just a matter of pulling it all together. I also know I'm going to need to add something to it to lighten it slightly, all the dark greys on dark blues could make this room just shallow but I'm hoping that by adding some light grey and white cushions it will just come alive beautifully.

What do you think ... first room is slowly getting there....

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