Monday, May 2, 2011

Its a Boy Thing

I find it very hard to balance design as I would want it - pretty and white and sparkly with the fact that I have a husband. Oh yes, I have a husband - this means I will never have a white bed spread, I cant have any chair that doesn't look sturdy and all couches have to pass the comfort test ... the scruffier and more used looking the better.
So - how do you balance your design styles with his? I ask you, is there some middle ground or is everything very black and white?

These pictures I find are very "old boys club" and although very masculine I do have to say, it would be very easy to live in ... ok I will admit - give me that library and you can have the rest of the house done in black with a skull and cross bones room boarder ... I don't care. I would give away my first born for a library like this ... sigh, such a shame its not going to happen.... one power ball maybe?

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