Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's All In The Details

I'm kind of kicking myself ... you see I have renovated houses before and it was great, you can focus on every tiny little detail - obsess over a type of tile or a depth of a cupboard and what that means is that you get a very unique practical type of house.

The problem with building a house is that there are so many details that you have to agonise over all at once you don't really get to put your unique stamp on any one space really.

Perfect example of this is my powder room, its going to be nice, I have picked a nice tile, I have picked a nice little sink but to be honest - If I had the time I would do something a bit more fanciful perhaps II can even say whimsical (only because I love how the word sounds when you say it - something that's just a little bit different.... I adore the blue tiles in the picture below and I love the floor on the powder room with the blue walls.

Would I build again ... maybe, but if I did it would be owner builder so I could take my time on the details, I want to have agonised over for weeks, not some after thought because the builder needed a decision!

So yes - I have toilet envy - these are my pick of the bunch .... One thing I will say, the first one with the blue wallpaper - remind me never ever to use that one when I have had a few drinks!

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