Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Dont Get It

Ok - so maybe I'm out of touch with what is "in" but have you noticed these little stickers on the SUV's driving around town lately.
It seems to be the latest "in thing" for car bling..... ha.

So my question is, does the rest of the world really need to know you have the perfect mum, dad, two kids and a dog family.... would it be sad if I put me and hubby and a dog? Don't get me wrong I feel they are terribly cute and just a little bit kitch but would I do it ... perhaps not.

It feels to me your just giving people you don't know ... people who don't know you, more information about you than they need, its that facebook privacy thing again.... what is too much information?

Do you remember the ad where the guy filling up his car at a petrol station desperately tries to hide the baby seats from the cute woman filling up next to him.... how much harder would that be with the little people waving happily on his back window.

Saying that, driving to work today I found the funniest one ever... it must have been tongue in cheek - it was a brand new ute clubsport - very hotted up (if that's the term to use) with the shiny wheel thingy's and a big brumm brumm muffler - and on his back window was a guy with a surf board and a dog ... very funny.

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