Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Inspiration Boards

So I had a fair bit of fun yesterday with my theatre board.... it was lovely to finally put into words / pictures exactly what I have been thinking ...

And I'm also pretty sure of what I want in regards to my master bedroom, in my head, these two rooms are the most complete.

Obviously - you have all seen my adorable quilt cover, and then there is the maps ... total heaven. But some other things I have only just decided on are the bed, I would love a king sized leather bed... something really luxurious, I also like the idea of mirrored bedside tables and maybe even a set of mirrored draws.....

I also want a big comfy lounge chair which I can put on the wall next to the bath (Note that there is a big opening between the ensuite and master bedroom where the bath tub is meaning hubby can sit and chat to me after a long day at work.... my idea of heaven.

Finally I would love to find a really big mirror, in black that goes from the floor, I have been starting to source a few from local antique stores but nothing perfect just yet.

The lighting is simple but luxurious and the curtains will be heavy and dark, I am also going to have some lighter material behind so I can keep the light coming in but soften and add some privacy.

Overall I am happy with this room... I like where its going and I don't think its too pretty. Its still masculine enough to make darling hubby happy.

What do you think? Is there anything you would change?


jodie said...

I cannot stand those stickers either!!!
I am very happy to say that my 10 year old daughter shares my distaste and when she first saw them whilst driving on the freeway said, "What is WITH those stickers?? Why would you??" :)

jodie said...

I love it all!!!
We went out looking for a mirror yesterday for our dining room and fell in love with the black ones. We didn't find one that was large enough though.
I love dark curtains too and have just selected a charcoal lined blend for our double track curtains.
I look forward to following your blog!!! Is that rock I see on your house?? I have a rock obsession!!! Love it!

Helen M said...

I love it all!!!
As for the large mirror, I would choose a silver framed one, as it makes the room pop, where everything else is dark already. I am a huge fan of dark and moody in the bedroom!!
Helen M