Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Layouts That Work

Do you ever see a picture and think - wow that layout just works.
This house I really adore - the layout is elegant and yet so simple and I think I can use this in my house down near the dining room. I love how the hall table and lamps backing onto the lounge just divides the space beautifully.

I love how the feature wallpaper and wall lights just give you this love punch of texture and contrast.

Oh and I love love love the doorway and yes I do realise - that door is totally, completely impossible but still, a gal can dream cant she?

Anyways, so I love the layout and am thinking this will work very well in mine and I cant wait to finally get started on some actual work. Hubby and I almost died when we both agreed that although the whole "doing everything ourselves" almost kills us, the sitting back and waiting is much much worse. I would much rather be tiling or getting grubby in the garden than sitting and waiting for something to happen.

Obviously nothing much is happening on my house at the moment, oh yes, delays are killing me! Just killing me! However hopefully soon I will have my second storey slab poured.

My fingers are cramping from being crossed for so many weeks but I'm determined to remain positive!

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