Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small Down South Break ... Dont mind if I do!

So I'm off - on holiday that is. Its a small break with the extended family ... we will be drinking wine and beer by the lovely wood fire. We will be eating all sorts of local cheeses and of course lets not forget chocolate...

We will be staying at a lovely place in Dunsborough called Whalers Cove (The image above) and it is heaven, right on the beach front, looking out over the peppermint trees .... Obviously anything other than minute taking is going to be fabulous but it also means I wont be here on Friday so have a lovely fun filled weekend ... and I will have a big surprise for you on Monday!

Oh I'm horrible at surprises - We will have completely finished the brickwork by the time I get back so next step is the roof!


Miss V


B is building a house said...

Mmmmm chocolate... :)

Have an amazing time!


Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Hope you enjoyed your getaway. We just had a break in Melbourne. Nothing like a change of scenery. Ange