Monday, June 13, 2011

Entry Ideas

Thought I could manage to sneak in a small post today before I scuttle off to minute an all day meeting (oh yay) but I have been thinking about my entry and thought it might be nice to put some of my design ideas down to see just how well they fit with the space....

So I want the entry to be clean, and light and full of glass. The balustrade is frame less glass with a stainless steel handrail, the door is a big heavy wood door with a lovely metal strip running down the middle. The carpet on the staircase is a light grey fleck and I am hoping to buy either one or two of these light fittings. To me they are heaven ... totally beautiful and yet still quite modern. Obviously not for everyone but I personally can't help but love them. The New york Picture I brought from Ikea ages ago and have been dying to find a home for it and it seems to fit really well with the theme I am going for. Oh yes, and on the little hall table I want to find some amazing glass jars in a really bright and vibrant colour.


B is building a house said...

Wow! So stylish you are!!! Love it!!!

Hope you are having a fun meeting :)

Are you going Antique white USA throughout? What colour kitchen benchtops and cabinetry are you going for?

I wanted to go with Antique white usa for the walls but then got scared that it wouldn't look right against my white kitchen cupboards. I am so bad with colours :(

I then decided to go with Whisper White, but will get a sample pot tonight and test it out before we start painting the whole house.

Would love to hear your advice on what you think of Whisper White.


Miss Vintage said...

Hey B - Sneaking this comment in while they are getting technical.

I am using Limed White on my walls and Antique White USA for all my fixings (Skirtings, Doors, Frames etc. Should be a nice and subtle contrast.

As for the kitchen - i Dont have anything on it but will get some info for you.

Oh and Whisper white - let me stop by bunnings and grab a sample - Im sure if you picked it it will look amazing. What colour are your cupboards?

B is building a house said...

I like your sneakiness ;)

My kitchen cupboards will be white (not sure of the exact shade yet) and the benchtop will be a light colour ceaserstone.

Look forward to seeing your kitchen plans :)


Classic Style Blog said...

Very elegant, like the Style.