Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kitchen Basics

Just a quick one today - courtesy of the lovely Ms B who wanted all my kitchen dreamings. .. Sorry there is no fancy mood board here but as I said - I'm still supposed to be taking minutes.

My tops 40 mm stone and the colour is called Arctic white and its as white as you can possibly get and my cupboards are a colour called Truffle Lini in a fine grain texture (its rough under my hands which I like - again with texture) ... I want my accessories to be reds and as for the actual layout - I was quite stuck because it was such a small space (I have always had a rather large kitchen so storage was important) so I hired a kitchen designer to get it right. Hopefully it comes out well but this is one room I'm slightly worried about.


B is building a house said...

That is going to be one sexy looking kitchen!

Are you having a mirror island front panel thing?

A built in tv above the fridge!!! WOW!!!!

I love that red KitchenAid mixer. So hot! My sister and I bought the exact same one for mum for her birthday. She looooves it.

Do you know how high the top of the microwave will be from the ground?


Georgy said...

Great layout, love the island bench with room for four stools. I would also love a red Kitchenmaid mixer. G

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Georgy - its more of one of my lust haves. I would almost give my first born (Lucky i dont have one or i might be tempted) for a red kitchenaid..... Miss V is trying not to dribble.

Miss Vintage said...

B - I swear the only questions you ask are ones I have no idea how to answer....Lets start with the splashback - I want to use a eco resin filled with sticks however its not heat rated so it will depend on how close the stove sits towards the back wall. If not I am thinking along the lines of smoked mirror. Whatever we use on the splashback will also be repeated underneath the island bench.

As for the microwave recess, the bottom of the microwave sits at 1.4m tall. I think thats fairly reasonable, I can reach that and it will also keep it out of reach of tiny little hands.

As for the TV ... its actually fairly silly, im blind without glasses and there is no way in hell I will be able to see the TV all the way down the other end of the lounge/dining room so I have arrange for a teny tiny TV to be fitted so I can watch the news ... he he he.

Classic Style Blog said...

I also like your masters bedroom, how do you make the boards?