Monday, June 20, 2011

Are We Getting It Wrong

So on the weekend I was having lunch with a group of girlfriends and I found myself "playing down" my role in the house design and it got me thinking ... alot. From a very young age we are taught not to "toot our own horns". I get the whole modesty bit but to be honest why is it now so hard to be proud and boastful (even the word boastful is bad in my head) about the things you are good at. Why is being polite and modest the key to success.

In my head I understand the question - how can anyone else appreciate your better qualities if you yourself keep putting yourself down in a misguided attempt to fit in.

So my challenge for this morning is to find three things I am good at and boast about them.... sounds easy right, there are plenty of things we are good at.... everyone is good at at least three things .... then why is it so hard to write them down, why do we justify them away and say "yeah but...."

So right - My three things

Number 1 - I am a born organiser - this one is easy, I am good at organising stuff. I am good at working out in my head how things need to be done and doing them. (YAY one down two do go)

and this is where I sit and stare at the screen desperate to think of something

Number 2 - I am good with colour - I like using colour and can tell in my head when something is or is not going to work.

Number 3 - Now this one I cant figure out ... I have deleted about three diffferent responses so see - its not quite as easy as I thought - I am going to say I am good at being happy. I enjoy being happy and work damn hard at staying as happy as I possibly can. I am very good at not letting things get me down and when they do I blackmail my mind into getting happy again with a big long glass of scotch and coke ... or a lovely red even.

So there ladies - the three things I am good at. Its actually an interesting list, Its not all doing things, some of the things I am most proud of are decisions I have made on how I live my life...

So now I challenge everyone who reads this blog to comment with your three things - I dont care what they are, all I want to know is that we are cabable of patting ourselves on the back because hey... if you can do it, the rest will come easily.

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Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

So true! My three things would have to be: 1)Organised (I'm like you), 2)Cooking (well my family and I think so!!!) & 3)My job (that was hard to put down as I didn't want to sound boastful but I do think I work hard and do a very good job in my workplace). There we go I did it! Thanks Miss Vintage for making me think about it!!! Ange