Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lighting Decisions

My mind doesn't really seem to be stopping at the moment and the one thing it keeps on focusing on is the lighting in the kitchen/dining/lounge.

maybe its because i don't have the style down pat... maybe its because there are too many options but I just cant figure out which way to go...

So let me show you what I have so far and then maybe it might come together just a bit better.

Ok the easy bits - Truffle Lini for the cabinets and Arctic white stone tops in the kitchen....

A big French Oak dining table with upholstered chairs in a dark charcoal colour.... and then the lounge I really have no idea just yet.

So here is my issue with the lighting.... I have three lights above my island bench which I am thinking of leaving as down lights ... then I need one light above my dining room table and one in the lounge room.... but which style do I go for.

Originally I was thinking just something simple in stainless steel like the first ones below but now im not so sure ... maybe I should go for a bit of bling or perhaps traditional ... or would that be too much. What about something more rustic ... so many options and I have no clue which one would suit?

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