Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its The Little Things

Now I'm not huge on facebook, don't get my wrong, I do adore stalking all my friends to see what they are up to but I'm but I'm not addicted and sometimes spend weeks at a time without really using it at all. Today however I opened the usual facebook email that pops up fully expecting it to be someone inviting me yet again to join farmville (my most hated app ever) instead I found a very little message from my husbands brother.

I have known said brother since he was a skinny ten year old and absolutely adore him but at his age (19), acts of adoration are frowned upon so I try very very hard not to hug him to much or tell him just how proud or disappointed I am depending on the situation.

Right so I'm digressing, this morning I opened up my facebook account to check the notification only to notice that he had posted on their that I'm his sister... awww. Ok so maybe I might have had a tear in my eye when I read this. How wonderful and lovely is it when something so small can cause you to feel so so good.

So my message today is one of love ... may you all this weekend have that one moment where you feel totally loved and accepted. Obviously it never really lasts too long, to many other things intrude however as long as you all have one moment of wonderful I will be happy.

PS. You are more than welcome to feel sorry for the poor boy because next time I see him I fully intend to give him a big hug. Because sisters don't have to worry about embarrassing their brothers you know.... its expected.

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