Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Pool Inspiration

So 120 people looked at my blog yesterday and not one of you managed to write down 3 good things about yourselves. Obviously its not easy so I'm going to ease off on the phyco-babble bullshit however please please please think about it yourself...

Anyways -  onto something prettier and lighter today - this is a new set of Villa's that have just opened in Seminyak, Bali and I find the pool areas something I really really want to achieve in my backyard. I love the colour of the pool so maybe I'm moving away from my normal black tiles thoughts ... also I like ... no scratch that love the idea of not just paving right up to the pool - why not add some interest with a strategically placed tree ... oh and the grey stones. Basically I want this pool area and it isn't really that hard to achieve ... just a bit of extra cleaning up the leaves but if it looks like this it might just be worth it.


B is building a house said...


Can't wait to see your pool finished :)

Good luck with your ensuite tiles :)


KL said...

OK, Catholic guilt is an awesome thing!
1. I am an awesome mother. Lioness' have nothing on me!
2. I am loyal. To a fault. If you've won me, you've got me for life! (BUT.. see below)
3. I'm exceptionally tolerant. To a point. I'll put up with a hell of a lot but if you break the camel's back, so to speak, i'll cut you from my life. period. (ie: hubby's third affair. OVER!)
P.S: YES!!! I definitely need a holiday and you may have provided the inspiration! Thank you!

lovestarry said...


I read your post yesterday and thought what a fab idea! I haven't really thought about my three things as yet - but I'm going to try and make a post out of it on my blog, so check it out if you have time! Otherwise, you are so right - we never take the time to think about what WE are good at. Thanks for the idea :)

Janice xo