Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making An Ash of It

So for my darling husbands birthday I went all out and arranged a 4 day exhibition in South Australia diving with the great white sharks. My father also got a trip for his birthday so they were going to make the journey together.

They were due to leave today - this evening to be exact and then this is where something so small and so far away starts to cause all sorts of crazy.

The ash from a volcano in South America has closed down the airports in Perth .... and here is where the drama starts. The boat won't wait, The company won't give us a refund or even allow us to change the departure date so if they are not there we lose all the money we have paid (and let me say it was a very extravagant present - I cant wait for christmas this year!)... so what to do. I look into trains - none,  I look into buses ... none.

Ok so they will have to drive - 2300km's - 26 hours straight of driving. Oh god. So last night my poor poor husband woke up at midnight - got in the car with his father in law and started driving.

As of 6am this morning they have done 600km's and are somewhere near Norseman.

Its odd, that drive should be pretty amazing, it should be alot of fun driving through the middle of Australia however because they have .... 26 hours to get there I don't even want to start thinking about how much they must be cursing us right now ... oh well.... one good thing - my husband would do anything for a good cheese sausage, I'm sure they will find one in the next day!

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