Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Tale of Woe and Misforture

Apart from being the famous Russian folk story about a guy who just doesn't learn Woe found me Sunday morning and informed me that 5 hours of torture were about to begin.

Let me start by saying I had extremely good intentions, on Friday my darling Mothers vacuum cleaner died and she decided she wanted a Dyson. On Sunday unable to sleep I was cruising the net when I came across a website that looked like a dream come true. It was an auction website where you buy bids and bid for the item, once you are the last bidder you pay the final price and its yours. the price is easy to calculate, 1 cent for every bid! Wouldn't you know it sitting there as the next item to bid on was a Dyson vacuum cleaner so 6am on Sunday morning i start bidding, then mum wakes up and she sits with me and we keep bidding, 5 hours later and $150 out of pocket we still haven't won the item and in your head is that little voice ... I have already put so much money into this - I may as well put a little bit more... and so I buy another $50 bids and then by 11am I was out completely.

How could I have lost .... how is that humanly possible. Obviously this is a form of gambling, there is no such thing as a sure thing but in my head I was so so sure I was going to win! Well duhhh... I didn't.

So no vacuum cleaner and $200 poorer. Sad but true - and the moral of this story, I am forgetting the website, (even the beautiful Tag Heuer Watch I want) and as a gesture of good will - I'm not even going to tell you the website!

Oh yes - I have learnt my lesson - never again.... Who needs a silly old watch anyway!

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