Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bargain Shopping

Because I'm building a house I am trying very hard to make smarter shopping choices. forget about the whole "I must not shop" that is like telling me I'm not allowed to breath but I am trying to make a small difference and I must say my thought process is slowly changing... slowly!

Anyways where as before I would quite happily buy a pair of amazing shoes not when I look at them I seem to think ... "this is half the cost of my entry light fitting!" And it works so I am shopping smarter and thinking more about the lovely items I just to not really think to much about.

One of the ways is Internet shopping, there is no impulse there, you can sit and rationalise and also look around at other sites to find the cheapest solution.

One of my new favorites is the Salvation Army Site. Well done for moving with the times, I guarantee they will get 10 times more business and will probably be able to get a bit more money for their items.
these are a few of my current favorites on their site!

Silver Plated Egg Cups - $25

Stirling Silver Brooches - $60

Vintage Dress with Matching Shoes - $145

Vintage Toy Fire Engine (Battery Operated) - $250

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