Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are We Being Brain Washed by the Media?

This is just a little thought I have been having over the last couple of months but do you think that perhaps the home decor / design magazines / pictures are becoming more and more like the fashion magazines featuring stick thin air brushed beauties half the worlds woman aspire to be? See I saw the picture above and I wanted that. I wanted the beautiful calm sedateness of it all and thought - why cant my house look like that.
Then I started really looking at it and felt a bit put out. Here is what I saw - there is a lamp on this coffee table that isn't plugged in. Its just sitting there looking pretty and I thought - how totally impractical and I actually felt ripped off. There is a little blue tea cup on the fireplace, this isn't so obvious but its really not practical in today's society, you you really want to be dusting it every single week because with something like that you know its going to be hot real estate to everything floating around in the room.
Finally the chair - beautiful chair, very pretty and then I saw the small little wheels. Firstly I would be afraid to sit on it with tiny little wheels like that - I would be scared if my little dog sat on it for that matter and secondly can you imagine what wheels like that are doing to your lovely wooden floor?
It sounds small and silly but do you think perhaps magazines are giving us unrealistic design ideas, things we will never achieve and if we do we will have to work damn hard at keeping it that way!

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