Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Australia Day to All

Happy Australia to Everyone - in Perth its a beautiful day - its sunshine and BBQ's and lots of time spent at the beach.... here is where it gets a bit sad so if your in a lovely happy mood it might be best to read this at a later date....

For those of you who have guessed my gorgeous husband works away - he is on a fly in fly out roster so there are always going to be times when he is away from me during important events. Another thing you may not guess, my husband is my best friend! I mean, if there was a huge sale at a designer store, or a I fell down the stairs in one of my very embarrassing moments he would be the first one I would call. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of lovely friends who I catch up with regularly and who I can sit and chat to for hours but there is not that ... spark when you instantly smile just knowing you are in the same room with them. So for me ... Hubby is that person and on days like today when friends gather together over BBQ's and families argue over whether they have put sunscreen on for the hundredth time, I sit back and realise .... When he is away, I am mind numbingly, painfully lonely. I was invited to lots of BBQ's, beach and even went to the movies but in my head all I was thinking was... this would be so much better if he was here.

We chose this life and I am in no way, shape or form complaining and most of the year I keep myself very busy counting down the days until he is home.
But on this very day 8 years ago, we had our first date and it was amazing and 8 years on he is struggling to get a chopper working so he can fly home (Those damn things always break down when I really don't want them too)

So Happy First Date Anniversary honey - Happy Australia day to everyone else and for me ... I am planning to go to bed very very early just so it can be tomorrow and he will be on a plane home!

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