Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The beauty of the SALE!

This time of year EVERYTHING is on Sale and usually I would desperately want to buy up big but then you have to figure out whether you actually need the item and are you really saving money?

This year I have tried to be slightly smarter with my buying, this morning I have just about finished my birthday shopping for the year. Simple really - Mimco has a sale 50% off and then today they took an extra 20% off items. Perfect, jewellery for everyone this year so although I have just outlaid a rather large amount of money all at once I am actually saving because usually I would spend twice as much on each person.... lets just hope their tastes don't change between now and their birthdays.

I also waiting out the Christmas period and only brought my Christmas decorations after Jan 1st at 75% off. So instead of paying a whopping $9.99 per bauble I ended up paying about $2.50.

Also at lunch today I am off the the Vera Wang home section in Myer, I hear they have some amazing silver photo frames at 80% off.... I'm sure there is a wedding or two to attend this year and this will be perfect or even a house warming and we have plenty of those.

So all up SALES don't have to be about restraining yourself you just have to be smart ... and have some storage space for your pre-bought items he he he... thanks mum!

Finally, on a non shopping note (A lot of my posts seem to revolve around shopping) I would just like to advise that we have had finance pre-approval last Tuesday and then yesterday the block valuation came back ok too - so by Friday we should have finance approval and very very soon you should start seeing construction pictures!

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