Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back on Board

Well as it says in the title I'm back on board. I also finally received my client drawings for the pool and although I am sure its going to be big enough I decided to map it out so I could see exactly how big it would be....

The two big questions were where was I going to map it out and what with... oh yes in the office between the cubicles and the what was with a 300mm ruler. It was long and hard and I had to bark many time "Don't you dare step on my blue stickers" but it was done and I now know roughly just how big my pool is.... I would say average size.

I even managed to get one of my engineers to sit "in" the pool just to see how deep it was ... "Why am I doing this again" "I just wanted to see if you fit!"

All in all a good waste of an hour on my hands and knees in my good pants just to make sure it worked.

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