Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Must Live Under A Rock

Oh yes - its true it was yesterday at 3.38pm that I walked past reception and stopped to watch the flooding in Queensland on TV. What there is flooding, its so dry over here in Perth I cant believe any where else in Aus has rain and I am amazed at the amount of water, damage and panic the rain has produced. How could I not know about this.... oh my god!

So my thoughts go out to all those over in Queensland, and I'm almost tempted not to write about my Epiphany on style but as there is nothing I can do but hope that the water subside I will try to lift your spirits with pretty pictures.

I think and I say think because we have been through this before but I think I have finally figured out the style I am trying to achieve in this house.


Think old boys club, this old fashioned patterns done bold and modern, this of eclectic mixes of furniture and think functional meets interesting.

I think this is what I was trying to explain to you. Old and new meet and look lovely together, colour is bold and neutrals tone everything down tastefully.

What do you think .... is this what I have been trying to explain or am I still way off?

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