Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Today I want to talk to you about furniture - it seems that in Perth there is plenty of ultra modern pieces to buy or else you go for the Asian Bali look - if you want anything slightly different to that ... you will be paying BIG bucks!

Where is our originality - how can you not love something different and eclectic. Why do you have to have the same cane outdoor setting every one of your friends has!

these are some of my all time favorite pieces!

Look at this buffet cabinet - is this not absolutely heavenly? Is this not worth losing a hand for, I mean the colours and textures... I would die to have this in my house

And this foot stool - its beautiful, look at the legs, you dont even notice it straight away but once you so it makes all the other pieces in the room look just plain dull (except for the very cool lamp!)

Dont have much to say about this coffee table except - I WANT IT!

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