Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Owl's Have It

Well I am not supposed to be shopping but ever since I brought the quilt set with the bird pillows I am kind of in love with all the different bits of bird and in particular owl decor I have seen around lately. They are so lovely and so calming, lets face it - owls are calming and who wouldnt want calm in their bedroom. So I have put together a list of bird inspired decor that I just love love love. The thing to remember is - although they are hot right now its important to remember that a little goes a long way so im sticking to one set thankyou very much!!!

This is from anthropologie -(here) - A little bit weird but kind of pretty.

This is a devine Owl umbrella stand from Burke Decore - (here) - which is think is just so cool.

I found these on etsy (here) and although I think they are great I think the colour is just taking away from how lovely they really are - I would be tempted to paint them black or even a soft powder blue grey....

Finally these I found on ebay -(here) - so so cute and bidding starting at $7.50.

Secretly, I may or may not have purchased my own little owl family.....

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